New Parents

If you are expecting your first child, and are interested in meeting one of our physicians, please call us at 949-206-0001 to schedule a time that works for you.

Delivering Your Baby

For parents delivering at Saddleback or Mission Hospital, please notify the hospital staff of your choice of doctor at the time of pre-registration or by the time of the delivery. The doctors round daily on newborns at both hospitals. For babies delivered at other hospitals, we are happy to take over care after discharge.

Feel free to complete our office paperwork in advance of your first office visit by clicking here. Our patient portal is also available to register your child and your contact preferences. The portal will allow you to view your child's medical information, send messages to the office, complete well check surveys and request appointments.

Remember to add your baby to your insurance policy soon after delivery in order to ensure that they will cover services in the first month of life.

Breast Feeding Services

We offer lactation consultations in our office with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant or a lactiation consultant at your local hospital. Our goal is to support and educate new parents in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We also provide a private breast feeding room where mothers can feed their babies privately after visits.

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