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Concussions are a traumatic brain injury which causes a significant disturbance in brain function. Proper treatment after a concussion is vital in the immediate days and weeks following the injury, and a crucial part of that treatment is adjustments to the students curriculum and work load. Decreased energy demands in the brain are requires to make a full recovery, and often a full school day/ work load will prolong the recovery and worsen symptoms.  The recommendations for school attendance will be decided by the physician after each appointment based the student’s tolerance for cognitive activity.

Recommendations for School Attendance:

  1. No School. The first 24-48 hours are often needed to let the brain rest. This is best achieved by “turning off” the brain.
  2. Gradual return to school once able to tolerate 30-45 minutes if light brain activity (easy homework, light reading, etc.) at home. Students may return to school with scheduled 10-15 minute breaks in a quiet area.
  3. Increase continuous hours of school until no breaks are needed. Modify homework (prorate work load extend due dates) and gradually add class participation. Allow the student to take breaks if needed in a quiet place ( i.e. nurses office)
  4. Full day school attendance. Gradual removal of accommodations. May take 1 test per day and begin make up work.
  5. Full day of school attendance with no accommodations

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